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Just wanted to let you know I am experiencing a feeling of safety with the exercises you have prescribed. I'm obviously in the hands of a true pro. Just the degree of detail you wanted about my sore shoulder was one of the things that makes me feel trusting in your expertise. Much appreciated!


With a summer of bootcamps and a total of 17 inches lost, I would recommend anybody to join this fun and challenging atmosphere. Bobbi is motivating and willing to help you achieve your fitness goals - at any fitness level. Thanks for getting me Beach Body ready!!


I joined Bobbi's bootcamp with a personal goal to tighten and tone, but I got more than I expected out of it. I am a mother of 3 and have always been busy, but not fit and I was intimidated by the commitment it might take to get me in shape. With Bobbi, there was such a variety of exercises and so many laughs with the other group members that each class flew by. I was surprised when I actually looked forward to each session! Thanks to Bobbi's Boot camp I dropped 4 sizes in the quickest 8 weeks ever!


Success Stories …….

My name is Barbara.  I have been on an exercise program with Bobbi for about two years.  During that time I regained the ability to do things that I haven't been able to do for a long time, caused by severe pain from arthritis.  About 10 months ago, I started to eat healthier; with these two combinations I was able to lose 45 pounds.  I look forward with confidence that I will be able to continue this journey of feeling better, and enjoying my life that much more.

I have known Bobbi for years, and followed her own weight loss with much joy and amazement.  Then when it came time for me to take my own weight loss journey, a mutual friend suggested that I try Bobbi's Beach Ready Bootcamp.  While I wasn't too sure that "group fitness" was for me, I am thrilled with the results! 

The main improvement I noticed was in my stamina.  Having already lost 55 lbs through Weight Watchers, I had much more energy than I had previously.  But after taking Bobbi's Beach Ready Bootcamp, I found I could sustain my rigorous exercising for longer periods - and thereby managed to drop another 5 lbs!  I was thrilled to see my clothes fitting even more loosely.  The fat seemed to burn right off - with a good effort on my part.

At first, I was nervous about exercising around others.  I usually just work out in my basement, and am not overly coordinated.  Bobbi's class was much more fun than I had anticipated, and there was a great camaraderie among the participants.  We laughed while we sweated!  Bobbi is very encouraging and makes her fitness routines simple to understand - helpful for those who may be "fitness challenged."

In the end, not only did my running time improve, but I was able to complete more of every exercise (crunches, etc.) than during my initial assessment.   I have since recommended Bobbi's Bootcamp to many friends and colleagues, and look forward to taking another one myself.

Finally fit,
Janice Schmidtz

Pursuit Fitness
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